Introduction into Site Reliability Engineering

Softwareentwicklung mit Open Source

9:00 – 17:15 Uhr
ETH Zürich
Max. Teilnehmer: 20


In this Workshop, the attendees will learn the most important aspects of Site Reliability Engineering.
There will be theoretical parts and practical parts.


  1. What is SRE
  2. The core Principles of SRE
  3. The relation between DevOps and SRE
  4. SLI, SLO and Errorbudget
  5. Alert on SLO
  6. Reliability Design
  7. Incident Response
  8. Postmortem Culture
  9. Canarying Releases


The attendes should have an overview what SRE means and experienced some practical example along the SRE journey.


All Engineers which are interested in Site Reliability Engineering. You should be curios about new approaches to solve Operation Problems.


You should be able to setup and configure services on a Linux environment or have experience on Public Clouds.
Basic monitoring Skills are an advantage.


Not yet clear, public cloud or local VM


Florian Kammermann


In my past career I worked in a lot of different IT fields. I'm interested in everything (process, technology, human aspects) that makes software development faster, more valuable, more reliable and more transparent. In the moment I work in Swisscom as an Operation Enterprise Architect. I help the company to shape Operation in a modern way. I'm also part of the SRE Community of Practice, where we try to implement SRE practices in Swisscom.

Christiane Pousa Ribeiro


Product owner of message services for Enterprise Service Cloud. Enabling customers to integrate their cloud native solutions. Also part of engineering, designing and development of the services as cloud engineer. Working with Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Prometheus, ELK and Grafana technologies.

Arthur Gassmann


I had some exciting job rotations. I started as Avaloq Engineer for a Swiss Bank and during my studies, I changed to the IT Consultant Industry. My main areas were on one hand Lean Sigma Processoptimization and on the other hand Data Center Transformation Projects. I worked for smaller projects such as Enterprise Architecture or Data Management. As I had received my bachelor degree, I wanted to get back as java programmer where I started on implementing a call center agent solution for problemsolving at a telecommunication company. For the same application, I became the Operational Responsible in order to…